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What is Central and South American Rosewood?
We call Brazilian Rosewood (Jacaranda) , Cocobolo and Amazon Rosewood "Central and South American Rosewood". They are in the same botanical group (Leguminosae family, Dalbergia genus) growing naturally in the Central and South America. Their appearance and characteristics are very similar when we use them for backs and sides. Import and export of Brazilian Rosewood are severely restricted under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) whereas Cocobolo and Amazon Rosewood are not restricted. We classify the wood according to a wide range of quality characteristics into each models.
How should I take care of the guitar?

The desirable humidity for guitars is 50% to 60%.We recommend putting a hygrometer in your room and pay attention to the humidity. If humidity becomes over 70%, please run an air conditioner or place the guitar on high and airy place in your room. If humidity becomes fewer than 40%, put a humidifier in your guitar case or emit steam in your room. When you carry the guitar in the car, please be careful not to expose the guitar to the direct rays of the sun and not to park the car in a sunny place, leaving the guiar inside.

After you play the guitar, clean your guitar with a soft cloth ( ex. silicone cloth). If the gears of machine head become creaky and tight, apply a touch of grease, but do not use liquefied oil.

I play guitar everyday. Do I have to release tension of string every time I am not play?
Yes. Please make full turn (wind down) the strings turning around the buttons 2 to 3 times every time after playing.
What strings should I use?
We recommend the following strings for Kohno and Sakurai guitars.

Savarez Creation Cantiga set 510MR or 510MJ
Savarez New Cristal Cantiga normal tension
Augustine Blue for base strings(6th, 5th, 4th)
Augustine Regal for treble strings(3rd, 2nd, 1st)
I have No.15 made in 1976. What is the current equivalent model?
How much does it cost presently.
From around 1963 to 1982, we used numbers for our models.
The model numbers also indicated their retail prices in Japan.
No.15 was sold at JPY150,000 in Japan, but we cannot estimate the current value of your guitar.

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